Saturday, May 13, 2006

A weekend in pictures

Friday Night...

I am still at work, trying to make some sense of an unintelligible stream of statistical data. Bit like staring at the Matrix actually...that data does represent a bunch of people doing things...of course, my standing NDA forbids me from revealing what these people were doing... "Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is..."
So as "mere do anmol ratan" i.e. the two beauties on my desk whirr around trying to do my job a little faster and a little better, I decide to go online and do some chitter chatter with the gals...Google zindabad!

Friday Night...later
I return home. The place is a usual. I spend the next hor cleaning up and manage to make it look somewhat habitable. With a chick flick on the television...I continue to work

Saturday Morning
I finally crawl into bed around 5:00 AM, only to be woken by my shreiking phone, which substitutes for my alarm clock at 9:30. I have a small change to make over the network, which takes me till 11:30 which time, I am invited to head out into the great city of Bristol...A-gain!
So I go out into the great city of Bristol...A-gain!
Only this time...I have...(you'll never guess)...

A Camera!!!

Yes, a camera boys and girls...a little gadjet of delight and a digital one at that! Which means that you can see what I saw...
So lets see...first we have a ordinary, red brick warehouse...

But wait! This is not just any warehouse. It is one of the many warehouses that line the Bristol harbour. Once, these warehouses stocked the tobacco that filled the cigarettes that most of the Commonwealth smoked. Bristol was the origin of a number of the cigarette brands of the day, including the exalted Wills, which still sells in India. In fact there's a brand of cigarettes called Bristol too.
These great bastions of the smoking faith have now been remoulded by society aiming to be smoke free, into office buildings and other such mundane establishmens. The picture above represents the end of a hazy era...

To be continued...

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