Sunday, January 31, 2010

The metaphysics of Holy Cow Burgers

What is a Holy Cow, if not a point of certainty in an infinite sea of choices?
Holy Cows work great for transport, they get you from point A to point B.
Each point location has a discrete set of Holy Cows that belong to it and are appropriate in its context
If a Holy Cow shows up at a point location where it is no longer relevant, it knows its about to be Burgered! And that works for the Holy Cow! Moksha!
This is the greatness of Holy Cows!
The greatness of humans is that we can point at J Random Cow and yell "Holy Cow!" and then be thrilled with wherever that gets us. Until the next cow catches our eye!


Arjun Venkatraman said...

I would like to put a sign outside my door: "Holy Cows, welcome! Please know that this is the best house to be burgered in! Guaranteed moksha!

Mere gharwale antyeshti dhaaba kholna chahte the. Main wo sapna poora kar raha hun.

smita choudhary said...

pehli mokshit holy cow here- proof of concept!!

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