Monday, April 04, 2011


Anyone feel a tremor just now?
Pinaki Joddar yep...
Drona Sharma Is this like 'the earth moved for me' or like 'leg it-there is an earth quake'
Arjun Venkatraman
How would the two be distinguishable...if cross referenced agreement is the
only proof of reality then unless it was a group hallucination, the twitter stream would bear out that what I speak is the absolute truth rather than perceived reality. I have no idea why I wrote so much, but I suppose I must
be feeling loquacious. :)

Yep...loquacious is what I am feeling today. So if I imagined the earthquake and I imagined the twitter stream following it, shouldn't that leave everyone else around me wondering if they are a figment of my imagination?
More importantly, should I be worried about being the figment of someone elses imagination, like a character in a dream, conjured up in an instant as a hacked up, steroid-ed version of a repressed childhood memory, fully programmed and ready to play my part. In this instant, how do I know that this is not the first instant of my life. After all people in dreams must have back stories too.
How do I know that this movie didn't start five minutes ago, with me beginning a blogpost about what is really real?

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Bernard said...

Time to quit smoking pot I'd say.

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