Tuesday, May 03, 2005

DAY 38

An overdose of garlic and starch can really knock a guy out. Woke up late as hell. Coffee would have been a savior at a moment of agony like this but, unfortunately I omitted to buy any last night so....
The order of the day is that I am in an exceptionally royal mood. To aaj Raja Sahab ne ye nirnay liya hai ki aaj ka din Rajwade ki shaan ko chaar, aath ya baarah chaand lagayenge.
It is a day to spew rot and be generally useless. However, the retardedness of a certain segment of humanity is forcing Raja Sahab to abandon the crown for a while and become a common laborer.
To save the Rajwada from the forces of degeneration, the proud Raja Sahab leaves the warm company of his riends the Shah and the Nawab and arrives back to the place where he must yet again prove the might of the keyboard!
Yalgaar ho!!!!!

After a long day of warfare, the Raja returns to his lair. Reduced to subterfuge, tired of the continuous struggle to keep the Rajwada up, he wishes to relax, but no! before that can be accom[lished, a call for succour. A young lady is being attacked by the monsters of Boredom and Longing. the Raja must rush to the succour. Having rescued the fair maiden and sent her on her way, the Raja adds to his memoirs a single curious line.

Mission Accomplished.

After that he proceeds to add a few more, telling the world that the mission statement is in fact a secret. Is this an announcement of the Dark Side of the Raja? Is he in fact something more than what he seems? Keep watching. We'll be back, same Raja-time, same Raja-url.

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