Monday, May 02, 2005

DAY 39

Day 39: Mucked up day. It's started bad. Actually it's a continuation of yesterday, which in turn was a continuation of the day before. Lack of sleep makes you lose track of the boundary between days. My two flatmates and I are in the throes of parting anxiety. we've been together for four years and we're family. So in our anxt we recently drove 100 kilometres for the sole purpose of sitting on a roadside dhaba and having tea. This kind of behavior is rather adolescent but hey! we dont have too much time left. In 39 days, impulsiveness will have to be shelved for the week, only to be taken out on weekends, given a longing look and put back in the cupboard, like an item of clothing which was once a hot favorite but is now too small to wear.......

A few hours into the day: It is our general consensus (by our i mean my contemporaries in my deweling) that the change from school to college was like a jump from a warm safe place into cold river waters. I personally tend to see the transition from college to work from the point of view of the fish in the river, heading very purposefully out to sea. To hell with the big fish!

The lab I'm sitting in is extremely hot. The logic of having one fan in the center of a rectangular room where the length far exceds the breadth escapes me completely. The chairs three feet to either side of the fan get no air, and the condition degenerates exponentially with each foot thence. As a result if you're sitting on either extreme you're likely to be smeling flatus, sweat, and other human/animal odors which may be your own(if you're lucky) or someone's who hasn't seen the other side of a bathroom door. For an engineering colleg with 'thinking' people, such gaucheries are not exactly expected. Such are the issues which nullify the fear of anything post 39 days. Whatever it is, it can't be worse. Nothing is worse than lack of thought.

Late Afternoon: After a lot of coffee and cigarette breaks, this place becomes almost bearable. I realise that in a couple of hours I'll have to go home. Sometimes, walking into a room you're soon going to leave can be a wrench in itself. But hell! We are the manly men. Yesterday, after a couple of cigarettes and some antaxari we came to the conclusion that three cities are soon going to be seriously messed up. Considering that while we are in Bangalore, we usually cancel each other's effects out. The balance of the 'Holy Trinity' is maintained. But once we have a number of kilometres between us, we wont be balancing anymore. And then God help the cities we're in.
It's seriously been an amazing four years. It's amazing how some of the people we usually accredit with very excitng lives are usually the most bored. The other day, talking to a friend from a hip cool college, we realised that despite being in a second string place for the duration of graduation, we've done and seen more than a lot of people manage in a lifetime.
This is decidedly fun.
I suppose this is a good time to put in some work. A new day, tommorow is.

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smita choudhary said...

actually it may not be a step change at all. It might be like changing colleges- did the finishing of school also mean so much?

One of my college friends said that getting married would be like change of hostels. A new warden , new sets of rules. That is all.

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